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Alexandra Simons

Alexandra Simons online. Read about her life and her horses, and check her fun club. The site is in Gernan.
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Anky van Grunsven

Anky van Grunsven is one of the most popular champions in Holland, winner of several medals in the Olympics, European and International championships. On his Fan's Club website, you can find her pictures, articles, and her latest news. The site is in Dutch.
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Carol Lavell

Carol Lavell is one of the best-known American and International dressage riders. She won a Team Bronze medal on her horse Gifted at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain.
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Ellen Bontje

Welcome to Ellen Bontje's official website. On these pages you can learn more about this International dressage champion. The site is in German.
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FEI/BCM World Rankings

FEI/BCM World Rankings online.
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French Handicapped Olympic Team

Information on the members of the Handicapped French Olympic Team.
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Ingrid Klimke

Ingrid Klimke online. The site is in German.
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Michael Poulin

As a trainer and instructor, Poulin's name is nearly synonymous with many of the East Coast FEI level riders - names like Carol Lavell, Lendon Gray, Pam Goodrich, and Mary Howard. An "I" dressage judge, he runs the School of Dressage in Fairfield Maine, with his wife Sharon, a top FEI competitor and "R" judge, and children. Read more about him on this site.
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Michelle Gibson

Read Michelle Gibson's biography and career highlights.
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Nadine Capellmann

Welcome to Nadine Capellmann's official website. The site is in German.
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Philippe Karl

The site features a photo archive of "Master" Philippe Karl.
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Robert Dover and Lennox

USET Veteran Robert Dover and Lennox (Westf. by Loewenstein-Aglaia) began competing at Grand Prix together just recently this winter in Florida. You will find more about him on this site.
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Rudolf Zeilinger

Welcome to Rudolf Zeilinger's online. The site is in German.
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Susan Blinks

Susan Blinks represented the USET as a member of the World Equestrian Games in Rome 1998. You can find more about her on this site.
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US Equestrian Team

On this site, you can read the biographies of the U.S. Equestrian Teamís members.
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World Dressage Rankings

The site provides you with the World Dressage & Olympic Dressage Rankings.
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